10 Sex-Filled TV Shows and Movies on Netflix

Who doesn’t love sexy scenes? (Everyone does, if not, mostly!) The good news is that you don’t need to visit a local video store and walk to the counter with semi-porny titles on your hands. After all, privacy is much more important, right?

Thanks to Netflix, you’re now able to stream some of the steamiest, hottest sex-filled movies and TV shows to satisfy your pleasure. And, we’ve rounded up the top 10 TV shows and movies you can stream today.

TV Shows

1. Game of Thrones

Globally known for its huge commercial and crucial success, Game of Thrones is generally praised for its phenomenal cast, amazing directing and excellent writing, though this series is notorious for its graphic nudity, intense sexuality and violence.

2. Californication

What makes the show more exciting is the depraved writer who drinks plenty and has sex even more. It is filled with sex that even Huffington Post made a highlight sort of reels showing all of the sexual conquests of Moody.

3. Masters of Sex

It is a globally critically commended Showtime drama that features intense sexuality, graphic nudity, strong sexual content and real sexual devices from the sixties.

4. House of Cards

In this series, you can see extramarital affairs, threesomes, prostitution, asphyxiation, lesbian sex scenes and porn. And, that is only the beginning.

5. Queer As Folk

This series followed the lives of a lesbian couple and five gay men living in Pittsburgh, tackling taboo and controversial subjects (e.g. same sex marriage). Some critics have commended this show for portrayal of realistic sex scenes. Although the sex wasn’t for nothing (and considering you won’t see full-frontal bareness), most sex scenes here felt and looked authentic.


1. Nymphomaniac

The Nymphomaniac Volume I and II are not ideal for the timid. A self-diagnosed nymphomaniac tells a life span of sexual encounters with a certain guy. Some critics strongly believed that it’s simply a complicated justification for unevolved sense of sexual self of Von Tier. Others insist that it’s an openly thought-provoking deal of his beefs which have contemporary coitus.

2. Young and Beautiful

In this challenging French movie, Isabelle is a teenager who engages in prostitution to satisfy her sexual desires. Explore this unexplored side of the world as this movies unleashed the naked truth (literally) about prostitutions and all.

3. Starlet

The film revolves around the Indie darling, Jane, who is a young girl who spends most of her time smoking pot, lying and being a porn star.

4. Wetlands

Meanwhile, Wetlands is a German film that often hyper-stylized portrayal of young adult Helen. She explores her sexuality and casts her inhibitions to a single side.

5. On the Road

Aside from having a notable listing of actors (Elisabeth Moss, Amy Adams, Kirsten Dunst and Kristen Stewart), this film has also a listing of notable sex scenes, particularly prostitution, threesomes and cheating couples.

Keep the heat as long as you want with these 10 sexy, steamy TV shows and movies!

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